This long shelf line of salty goodness was a must in my home. Growing up, my family always had multiple cans lying around ready for us to eat whenever we were hungry. 1 can cost no more than 4 dollars and could feed up to 2-3 people, which is probably why we always had it. I loved it as a kid, and now my kids love it too! The boxed lunch meat may be gross to many but I honestly never found any difference from eating a hot dog for dinner.

Who would’ve known something so quick and easy would taste so delicious!

Spam is so versatile, you can make cheap meal and turn it into a 5 star dish. Eat it with some rice and eggs, on top of instant noodles, or wrap it with rice and nori to make spam musubis!

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A Hawaiin favorite!

Hawaiians LOVE SPAM! They turned a canned meat with a bad reputation and made it into a beautiffly handheld snack. If you have ever been to Hawaii, you would find spam musubis sold every where! You could find them at the gas station, grocery stores, school lunches, YOU NAME IT! Let’s give this “Hawaiian Steak” a try!

You will need 6 total ingredients to make this snack:

Makes 16 SPAM Musubis 


  1. Cook rice until it is done and let it cool.
  2. Heat up a small sauce pan on medium and whisk together; light soy sauce, sugar, and mirin. Let it come to a slight boil and reduce the sauce until it thickens.
  3. Take out your spam, and cut it into 8 pieces from the long side (8 slices per can). DON’T THROW AWAY THE CAN! You will use this to mold your musubis unless you have a musubi molder. Wash it with soap and let it dry till you’re ready for assembly. Fry spam for 2-3 minutes on each side or until it becomes lightly golden brown on medium – low heat.
  4. Once golden brown, brush sauce mixture on both sides to get a nice glossy sear. Transfer to a plate and repeat till spam is done.
  5. Grab your nori and stack them on top of each other. Divide them into 3 equal parts and use a scissor to cut the sheets.
  6. To assemble, grab the cleaned can and use plastic wrap to cover the inside. Scoop about 1/4 cup of rice (or more) and a slice of spam. Squish it down to form a mold and take it out of the plastic wrap.
  7. Place a piece of nori shiny side down. Put the spam form in the middle of the nori and seal it by folding sides over one another. Gently place the wraps spam side up and repeat till you’re all done.
  8. Serve with Spicy Mayo and extra teriyaki sauce. These can be made ahead of time, just wrap each individually in a plastic wrap.


  • You can play around with the ingredients inside. I have seen people add eggs, chicken teriyaki, beef bulgogi, or even tofu for a vegetarian version!
  • The colorful sheets I used are soy wraps that add a great color and different taste for non seaweed lovers.
  • Thank you for reading, ENJOY!

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